Get started with Discogs BigCommerce Integration

A brief walkthrough of how DisConnect works!

In this guide, we will be looking at configuring your Discogs BigCommerce Integration where the products will be syncing in the direction from Discogs to BigCommerce.

Follow the below steps, to get started –

Step 1: You can use the below URL for registration.

Registration URL: https://disconnect.constacloud.com/register

Step 2: The registration Process consists of two steps. Firstly, you need to fill in the below-mentioned details.

Name, Email, and Password (It should have a minimum of 8 characters with 1 alphabet, 1 Numeric, 1 special character.)

Step 3: After entering all the required details, you need to click on the “Create Account” button.

Step 4: Upon creating an account inside DisConnect, you will see the following pop-up appear on the webapp. It’s a sequence of quick guided onboarding steps that you can perform inorder to sync between Discogs and your other channels or you can skip it to manually configure your sync using all the advanced features.

The Quick Guided Onboarding

Step 4.1.1: In the first step, Connect your Discogs Account. Upon clicking the “Connect your Discogs account” button, you will be redirected to your Discogs Account.

Once you click on the Authorize button, your Discogs account will now be authenticated to DisConnect.

Step 4.1.2: In the next step, we will be authenticating your BigCommerce account. To do that, enter your “Client ID”, “Store ID” and “Access Token” & click on Authenticate. Check our article on How to obtain your BigCommerce Token to get your “Client ID”, “Store ID” & “Access Token”.

Upon clicking Authenticate BigCommerce, your BigCommerce account gets authenticated to DisConnect.

Step 4.1.3: In the third step, select the direction of your product sync. Whether you want to sync your products from Discogs to BigCommerce or the other way round.

Step 4.1.4a: If you had selected “Sync from Discogs to BigCommerce” , you’ll get the following screen:

Now, it will ask you to either enable repricing or not(as it is optional).
Repricing(Optional): DisConnect provides you with the option to increase or decrease the prices of your synced products on BigCommerce by using a fixed amount or percentage.

Once you’ve configured the same, click on the “Save & Start the sync” option.

After starting the sync button, we will start preparing your data for sync and it will take around 15 – 20 minutes to complete the process. Once data is prepared they will start syncing one by one to BigCommerce . You can see the progress by refreshing the Dashboard of the Disconnect panel.

Once you click on save and start the sync, it will give you an option of “show mapping” (as you can see in the above screenshot), if you want to customize the default mappings, then you can please click on the show mappings button and modify the mappings as per your need.
Please check the field mappings and category mappings help guide, as this guide will help you make the changes, or else you can click on “later“.

If you “skipped” the onboarding, in that case, you can follow this guide.

This is the process to get started in the DisConnect app. It helps to integrate your Discogs products with your BigCommerce retail store where you can manage your inventory and orders with just a few clicks. If you have any query then you can contact us at help@disconnect-app.com


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Talk to Us!

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