Manual Set-up guide for Discogs and Shopify Integration

The Detailed Complete Setup

If you select “Skip guided setup” after signup, you will see the below screen.

Here you need to navigate to Channel Settings.

In the Discogs channel settings, you will find various sections, you can follow the steps –

1. Discogs Credentials:
In order to Authenticate your Discogs account to DisConnect, you can click on authenticate button, and it will redirect you to the Discogs Login page, where you can authorize the DisConnect app.

2. Shopify Connection – As you have Shopify as your online e-commerce platform, click on the Shopify tab from the header in order to complete your relevant configurations.

3.Shopify Credentials:

In order to connect your Shopify account to DisConnect, there are two input fields required. Which include the Shopify Domain & the Shopify Password.

  • Shopify Domain: You will get this domain while creating a Shopify account. It should be filled in the format of yourdomain.myShopify.com
  • Shopify Keys: Your Shopify store has consumer & secret keys which can be taken from the key details section in your Shopify panel. Learn how to get a Shopify token.

4. Shopify Product sync settings:
To start creating products under your Shopify store, you have to turn ON the Create new product button.

5. Sync Draft listings to Shopify (Optional):

6. Mark Shopify Item as Draft when Sold Out (Optional): This feature will help you to mark the order as “Draft” when it’s sold out. So, whenever an item gets out of stock/sold out in Shopify, Disconnect will make it draft, and it won’t be visible in your Shopify Store.

7. Repricing feature (Optional)

The repricing feature is used to reprice the products in your online retail stores. If you want to increase or decrease the price of your product in your online retail store compared to the original price in Discogs then you can use this feature. To know more about it, click here.

Once all your settings are completed, click on update & the sync will begin.

Note – Please do note that we will use the preconfigured field mapping template by default. However, should you wish to customize the Field mapping & Category mapping to suit your needs, you’re welcome to do so. You can turn OFF the Button to creating new products, and make changes according to your requirements, once done you can again turn ON the button.


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Talk to Us!

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