Field Mapping Feature From Discogs To BigCommerce

Field Mapping is done by customizing various fields dynamically on your BigCommerce platform for all your products. As a seller, you can now completely automate how your product data in your Discogs are mapped to your fields on BigCommerce for all your products. If you would like to customize products at an individual level, then you can do so in the product details page.

In this Tutorial, Let’s walk through on the various steps you will have to follow in order to setup field mapping. Also, Field Mapping is mandatory to be customized to your liking but if done, it comes with all the benefits listed above.


The BigCommerce Field Mapping section can be found under the “Mappings” section of the left panel.

How it works:

You will find various data fields of Discogs on the bottom of this section. These are dynamic shortcodes which can be used to map your Discogs data to your Shopify fields. You can map multiple Discogs Shortcodes (data fields) to a single field of BigCommerce. These Discogs Shortcodes can be copied with a click & they can be pasted in their respective target BigCommerce fields.

Please do note that in addition to the Shortcodes, you can also add texts to all the fields which will be mapped for every product. By default, our template has various Discogs fields & texts added. You’re

  • 1. BigCommerce Title:

The BigCommerce title has a character limit of 255. By default we’ve added.[Artist] – [Title] ([Format]) ([Media condition])

  • 2. SKU:

The Stock Keeping Unit on BigCommerce. As it’s recommended to keep it unique, we’ve added [Listing ID] by default. You’re also free to use [Location], [Release ID] etc.Please be sure not to include any descriptive shortcodes like [Notes],[Comments],[TrackList] etc in shorter fields.

  • 3. Description

The Description field in BigCommerce can be customized unlike other fields with our editor. Meaning, you can modify the texts by making them bold, italic, underlined, etc. Or customize them with HTML, etc.This is the field where you can include your long descriptive shortcodes like [Notes],[Comments],etc. Also, the video shortcode

can be included as part of the description. The video shortcode can be customize more to your preferences by altering the value of X in the shortcode show=X. Where X denotes the number of videos you’d like to show from the respective Discogs listing. The dimensions of the video can also be customized in the shortcode as long as the aspect ratio is maintained.

As mentioned earlier, the Discogs BigCommerce Field mapping affects your entire range of products that are going to be synced from Discogs to BigCommerce. Should you wish to change the mapping for a particular product, you’re free to do so on the product details page of a particular product in the “Products” section on the left panel.

Once you’re done setting up the field mapping, proceed with your other settings like category mapping & any other customizations you might need before starting the sync from Discogs to BigCommerce.


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