How To Get Started With CCShip Shopify And ShipFIMS Integration?

Starting with CCShip is very easy!

Follow these quick and easy steps to get started with us;

Step 1: Log in to our CCShip panel
Note – If you don’t have the credentials, then you can email us at, we will provide you the details asap.

STEP 2: Connect your Shopify API account details with CCShip

Navigate to Settings >Shopify Account – Here, add your Shopify account details;

  1. Shopify Account Domain: Add your Shopify store domain, for example, xyzcompany.
  2. Shopify Account Access Token: Add your Shopify account access token, and click Submit.
    Click here to know, How to get Shopify token?
  3. Show Rate Quotes to Customers: You can select whether you want to show the rate quotes to your customers, in their check-out section or not.
  4. Generate Labels Automatically with Selected Shipping Method at Checkout: This is for automating the shipment without applying Tags, If you enable it then the shipping method will be automated.
    For example, If any customer chooses your rate quotes as shipping method while checking out then the shipment will proceed automatically via this Automation. You don’t need to apply the tags.
    Note: – This functionality will only work if the Rate Quote is set as “Yes”
    Please check the screenshot below for your reference –

Note – Once you have connected your Shopify store in the CCShip portal please log in to your Shopify store & create tags for ShipFIMS as per your Label preferences.
*ShipFIMS provides 5 types of labels – i.e. 22, 31, 41, 42 and 51*

For example – You can create tag names as below-

Different Label types Tags Names
Select Tag for All FIMS Items Over 4.4 Pounds Batch(22): All FIMS Items Over 4.4 Pounds
Select Tag for Standard Mail Item Under 4.4 Pounds Batch(31): Standard Mail Item Under 4.4 Pounds
Select Tag to MailView Item Under 4.4 Pounds Batch(41): MailView Item Under 4.4 Pounds
Select Tag to MailView Item Over 4.4 Pounds Batch(42): MailView Item Over 4.4 Pounds
Select Tag to Premium Mail Item Under 4.4 Pounds Batch(51): Premium Mail Item Under 4.4 Pounds

Now once you have created the above tag, you will need to go back to the CCShip portal & follow the below steps-

Go to Setting > Shopify Account > Shipper Set-Up –
In Shopify, we have a feature where you can add Shipper Details that will get printed on the packing slips for the particular orders.
In order to print packing slips along with the label URL, you will need to fill this section.
Note: – If you don’t print packing slips then you can select “No” and save.

Step 3: Connect your ShipFIMS API details with CCShip

Go to, Settings > ShipFIMS Setup – You’ll see the below details;

  1. ShipFIMS Customer Code: Enter your Customer Code,
  2. ShipFIMS Service ID: Enter your Service ID,
  3. ShipFIMS Label Source Code: Enter your label source code,
  4. ShipFIMS Declaration: Here you can select which Declaration you want from the drop-down given; like as document, Sample, Gift Items or etc.
  5. Notification Email: Add your email address to get notifications. Notifications will include the order details like we will send you a spreadsheet full of details, i.e., Order number, Label PDF URL, Tracking Number, Date of the order’s shipment, Error details if any, packing slip, and Link of Merged PDF URL.
    [ Merged PDF URL – If you apply the tag of Create Shipment in multiple orders then we will send you the combined PDF for all the shipments in one link, and the bulk labels will be printed in just a click for all the orders.]

Now Go to, Settings > ShipFIMS Setup > Order Source Settings – You’ll see the below details;

  1. Refresh button – Click on this button then all the Tags of your Shopify account will be fetched in our CCShip panel.
    After that you can select the tags from the drop-down for below;

Quickly Ship Using The CCship Integration,

Just follow the simple and easy steps mentioned below,

  1. Open your Shopify store and select the orders you want to ship using ShipFIMS.
  2. After selecting the orders, go to More Options, and then Add Tags and from the options given in tags, apply the tag you have created for this integration.

3. Now sit back and relax, you will receive an email with the Label URL and tracking information.

4. Click on the URL and print 100+ labels at a time.

Congratulations, all parts are done.

You are now ready to ship your Shopify orders via ShipFIMS.



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Talk to Us!

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