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How to obtain your Shopify token for CCShip?

Here are the steps to get the Shopify token:

Step 1: First you need to login to your Shopify account.URL:

Step 2: Once you logged in, navigate to left and click on the “Apps” option.

Step 3: Coming to the next, you need to click on Manage Private Apps.

Step 4: Now, you will be able to see the below page and here, you can create a new private app by clicking on the “Create a new private app” button.

Step 5: Most Important Step-
Here, you need to enter all details Like app name, emergency developer mail, etc.
There is a need to take access to various APIs which will be required for this project API call, otherwise, it will not be able to generate the labels.

The access needed are-
Orders – Read and write,
Order Editing – Read and write,
Fulfillment services – Read and write,
Locations – Read,
Inventory – Read,
Products – Read and,
Shipping – Read and write.

And then Click on “Save“, your private app is created now.

Step 6: After clicking on Save, Now, click on the “Show” or just “Copy” the API Password from the Password field.

Step 7: This will be your Shopify access token, you need to paste the same in CCSHIP.

Step 8: Paste your generated token inside your CCShip Panel at the “Shopify token” field.

All done, let’s get back to the CCSHIP set-up steps.


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Talk to Us!

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