Condition mapping for eBay in DisConnect

Short demo of “Condition Mapping for eBay for your Discogs Integration”

With using DisConnect Integration we can dynamically map conditions of Discogs with eBay so that it will help you to avoid any confusion.

For that, you need to firstly log in to our integration.

Url: https://disconnect.constacloud.com/register

After login, you will land on the dashboard.

From the product dropdown, you will see Channel Setting.

Click on the eBay tab.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to authenticate your eBay account, you will find your policies are shown in the drop-down, i.e fulfillment policy, payment policy, merchant location, and return policy.

If you haven’t done this already, check out this detailed guide which will explain how to authenticate your account & set up your policies.

Step 2: Discogs Condition To eBay Condition Mapping – Records Only

In the term Discogs and eBay condition mapping, we have media and sleeve conditions from Discogs/eBay and we also have the eBay record grading.

In this, the sleeve and media condition of Discogs is going to be matched with eBay’s sleeve and media condition and eBay’s record grading.

For example, if your Discogs record Mint is on Media/Sleeve condition, then eBay it will be going to as New in Media condition and Excellent in Sleeve/eBay record grading.

So, you just have to map it accordingly in the Records section.

Step 3: Discogs Condition To eBay Condition Mapping –  For Others (CD, Cassettes, etc)

We have a separate mapping condition for CD, Cassettes, etc.

In this, if your Discogs media/sleeve condition is Mint the eBay will be Like New.

Default Mapping :

We are also giving an option of default mapping in terms of records.

Step 5: Repricing

In Repricing you get two options, you can either reprice by Percentage or by Fixed amount.

If you want to increase or decrease the price of your product in your eBay marketplace compared to the original price in Discogs then you can use this feature. To know more about it, click here.

Click on the Update button.

After cross-verifying your settings turn on the sync products to eBay option as shown in the screenshot below. This will enable syncing of your products from Discogs to eBay.

eBay Product Sync Setting:

1. Sync Product to eBay: Once you will start this switch, the enabled eBay products will get started syncing.

2. Sync Draft Listing to eBay

3. By Default Product sync to eBay: This setting is to control the product sync to eBay. If you will enable this setting, all the newly listed products on Discogs will start syncing to eBay by default.

4. End Listing when Sold Out: If you will enable this switch, the offers will get withdrawn from eBay as soon as the listing will get sold out.

5. Enable Best Offer: Turn ON this switch if you want to enable the best offer on eBay automatically while syncing the product on eBay.

We hope this article is helpful. If you still have any questions, please book a quick demo session here. Our experts will walk you through the complete product features in detail and help you set up your account for free.

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