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Sync orders from Discogs to Shopify

DisConnect order sync feature also allows you to sync the orders you receive on your Discogs to your Shopify store.

To use this feature follow the steps below after you have already authenticated your Discogs and Shopify store.

Step 1: After you log in to DisConnect, you will need to navigate to the Channel Settings.

Step 2: Here in the Discogs section you will need to turn the”Order Sync Settings” switch ON.

Step 3: Once you turn the “Order Sync Settings” switch ON, then you’ll see two more options to configure. They include –

>Select Channel / Shipment Provider
Here you will need to select your connected channels i.e. Shopify to which you would like to sync your orders from Discogs.

>Select Discogs Order Status
Here you will need to select the Order status of Discogs on which you want to sync the order to your Shopify store of Discogs.
For example – if you want to sync only “New orders” of Discogs to Disconnect, then you can select “new order” from the drop-down.

Step 4: Default Financial Order Status For Shopify (Optional)
Here we give you an option to choose Default Financial Order Status For Shopify, if you want to send Discogs orders to the Shopify store, with a default status, ie. Paid/Pending, then you can select the same accordingly from the drop-down given.

Step 5: Fulfillment notification feature (Optional) –
If you want to send shipment notifications to your Discogs customers when you fulfill the order on Shopify, then you can turn this option ON, and by using the short-codes of the Tracking number and Tracking URL, you can automatically append the tracking number and shipment URL in the message, then it will be sent your Discogs customers along with the order details.

Step 6: Deduct inventory on Shopify, only when order is synced feature (Optional)-
Once you have enabled this option and you have received an order in Discogs, your inventory will only get deducted once your order is synced from Discogs to your Shopify Store.
If disabled, then Disconnect will adjust the inventory as soon as any order is placed from Discogs.

Step 7: Tax Feature (Optional)
DisConnect allows you to sync your Tax amount of an order from Discogs to Shopify. To use it, you can follow the below steps –
1. Go to Channel settings > navigate to order sync settings > and turn ON the Enable Tax button.

2. After enabling tax, the tax coming from Discogs orders, will start showing up in Shopify order details too, as you can see in the screenshot below –

So, this is how the order sync works, in case of any doubts, you can please email us at help@disconnect-app.com.


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Talk to Us!

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