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Manual Set-up guide for Woocommerce and Discogs Integration

The Detailed Complete Setup

If you select “Skip guided setup” after signup, you will see the below screen.

Here you need to navigate to Channel Settings.

To get started with importing your products from your Discogs to DisConnect and sync them to your WooCommerce, you need to follow the steps given below.

Step I:Navigate to Channel Settings in the DisConnect Panel and Authenticate Discogs.

Step II: After clicking the “Authenticate Discogs” button, you will be redirected to your Discogs account and it will ask you to authorize to connect with DisConnect by clicking on Authorize button.

Step III: Once you have authenticated your Discogs account go to the WooCommerce section and enter your WooCommerce domain and click on Authenticate.

Step IV: After clicking on Authenticate, you will get directed to your WooCommerce account and ask you to Approve. Upon clicking Approve, your WooCommerce account gets authenticated to DisConnect.

Step V: Now turn the “Import products from WooCommerce” switch ON and select either Product Category or Tag in the “Filter products to be imported by” section from which you want your products in WooCommerce to be imported and sync to Discogs. And select the value of the Categories or tags in the “Filter value of the products to be imported” section.

Step VI: Now select the product field that holds the Release ID of Discogs i.e. either SKU or Attribute or Custom Field. And click on save to start the product import from your WooCommerce.

Step VII: Once you have saved the import settings in the Shopify section, now navigate to the Discogs section in the Channel settings and turn the “Create new products on Discogs” switch ON.

Now in order to sync products from WooCommerce to Discogs, there are some mandatory requirements that you will need after you have turned the “Create new products on Discogs” switch ON.

1.Condition Mapping
In order to sync your Products to Discogs, every product needs a media & a sleeve-based condition mapping. You’ll have the option to set up default Media and Sleeve conditions.

2. Set predefined dynamic comments for newly synced Discogs Products (optional)

You can customize your dynamic comments which will be synced to Discogs by the means of various shortcodes available to you. Shortcodes are data in WooCommerce fields that can be mapped into your Discogs’ fields.

For this please select the WooCommerce tab and then you can add text or use various Shortcodes from WooCommerce to set your default comments.

Once you set your comments here, they will be imported from WooCommerce & mapped to Discogs.

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3. Auto Repricing (optional)

It happens most of the time that the same pricing strategy doesn’t work for all E-Commerce stores & Marketplaces. With our Auto-repricing feature, you can always tweak them a bit in order to make the best sales possible on Discogs and WooCommerce. Reprice your products while syncing them from WooCommerce by a percentage or by a fixed amount by selecting the option you would like to use from the drop-down so you don’t have to update them manually.

4. Set the status of newly synced Discogs products

Discogs Products that are created using 2-way inventory sync can be synced either in For Sale status or Draft status. While most sellers sync it in “For Sale” status, there are other sellers who would like to use sync again from Discogs release data to other channels and not really sell on Discogs, they have the feasibility to sync it with “Draft Status”.

Once done with all the settings click on Save to start the sync.


If you have any questions or need help choosing the right plan for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out – we’ll be happy to assist. Simply write us at help@disconnect-app.com or join us on live chat during business hours.


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