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How rule based Condition mapping works in Discogs Shopify Integration?

We recommend using Shopify automated collections, to categorize your products inside your Shopify store, because Shopify is having a powerful “automated collection” feature, which automatically arranges your products into proper collections of your Shopify store on the basis of tags, product types, and conditions.

Important: To make sure that this feature perfectly works for you, you need to ensure that you are passing Style/Genre/format as tags, under field mapping of Disconnect, using the short-codes given for the same in the bottom of the field mappings section. (You can check the below screenshot for reference)

This will help you to organize your website categories on the basis of Style, Genre, or format.

Below are the steps to know how you can use the same to properly arrange/create your collections –

1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products > Collections.

2. Click Create a collection.

3. Enter a title and description(optional) for the collection.

4. In the Collection type section, click Automated:

a). Select entity as “product tag”.

b). Select whether products need to match all conditions or any condition to be included in the collection. (“any condition”, is most preferable)

c). Use the drop-down lists to set the collection conditions, ie “is equal to” –

5. Add the “product tags” and click Save.

6. For example
Let’s imagine, if you want to add all the products under a Genre say “Funk and Soul”, of your Discogs collection inside your Shopify store, then create the rules like below –
a) Create a collection name as “funk and Soul” ( or you can add a name up to your own),
b) Once done, choose the other entities, that are “product tag, is equal to and any condition”,
c) Now, add the name of the Genre – “Funk and Soul” in the blank area, which will be going to be treated as tags, you can also add the related styles of that Genre on the same place by clicking on “Add another condition” and create as many rules as you want, as you can see in the screenshot below –

7. Now, whenever a product will get sync from Discogs to Shopify via DisConnect, then Shopify will check the products, whether they have the tag mentioned as “Funk and soul” or not, if the tag is there, then Shopify will automatically move that product to “Funk and Soul” collection, under your Shopify Store.

As you can see here –
The product has the tag as “funk and soul” –

And now, it is showing in the “funk and soul” collection of the Shopify store –

You can do the same for Style-based collections or format-based collections, and Shopify will automatically filter out the products according to Genre/Style/Format.

So, this is how it works, in case of any doubts, you can please write to us about the same here – help@disconnect-app.com

We are always available to help via screen sharing too.


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