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How to Get started with CCShip Shopify and WeShip Express Integration

A small introduction of the connection
The purpose of this Integration between Shopify – WeShip Express is to automate the label creation and update the tracking number of Orders via WeShip Express APIs under Shopify. Once Label is created in WeShip Express, the tracking number & label pdf URL are updated in Shopify & Orders will be marked as fulfilled in Shopify.

Starting with CCShip is very easy!

Here are a few quick and easy steps to get started;

Step 1: First, log in to our “CCship” panel.

Note – If you don’t have the credentials, then you can email us at, and we will provide you the details asap.

Step 2: Connect your Shopify account details with CCShip

Go to Setting > Shopify Set-Up – Here, add your Shopify account details;

  1. Shopify Account: Add your Shopify Domain Name, and Access Token Password.
    Click here to know, How to get Shopify token Password?
  2. Show Rate Quotes to Customers: Here you can choose whether you want to show the rate quotes to the Customers in their checkout section or not.
    If you choose Yes, then you’ll get the option to automate the shipping method or not, i.e. removal of Manual Tags Application on any order to Ship it using We Ship Express.
  3. Automate Shipping via Rate Quote (?): This is for automating the shipment without applying Tags, If you enable it then the shipping method will be automated.
    For example, If any customer chooses your rate quotes as the shipping method while checking out then the shipment will proceed automatically via this Automation.
    You don’t need to apply the tags.
    Note: – This functionality will only work if the Rate Quote is set as “Yes”
    Please check the screenshot below for your reference –

Note –
Once you have connected your Shopify account in the CCShip portal please log in to your Shopify store account & create 3 new tags mentioned below please copy-paste the tag names from below, to avoid errors.

For example –
For adding Tags in Shopify, create three test orders and apply one tag at one order and Save, after opening those orders again and removing the tags in about 5 minutes, now you can delete those orders.
The tags’ names will be-

1. Ship Via WeShip –
The tag you just created will help you to perform bulk label generation via this Integration.
2. Pending Fulfillment –
The above tag will help you identify the orders that are awaiting tracking numbers to be provided by WeShipExpress & will help you to avoid shipping orders multiple times.

3. Error in WeShip Express –
The error tag will help to identify the orders, on which the mandatory fields are missing.

Now once you have created the above three tags, you will need to go back to CCShip portal & follow the below steps-

Go to Setting > Shopify account > Shipper Set-up –

In Shopify, we have a feature where you can add Shipper Details that will get printed on the packing slips for the particular orders.
In order to print packing slips along with the label URL, you will need to fill this section.

Note: – If you don’t print packing slips then you can select “No” and save.

Step 3: Connect your WeShip API details with CCShip

Go to, Settings > WeShip Express Setup – You’ll see the below details;1. Create Label API Username, Create Label API Password, Get Tracking Number API Username and Get Tracking Number API Password:
In this section, we will check your API keys provided by WeShip Express and add their details here, after that one can start shipping their orders via CCship- Shopify and WeShip Express Integration.

2. Notification Email: Add your email address to get notifications.
Notifications will include the order details like we will send you a spreadsheet full of details, i.e., Order number, Label PDf URL, Tracking Number, Date of the order’s shipment, Error details if any, packing slip, and Link of Merged PDF URL.
[ Merged PDF URL – If you apply the tag of Create Shipment in multiple orders then we will send you the combined pdf for all the shipments in one link, and the bulk labels will be printed in just a click for all the orders.]


Go to, Settings > WeShip Express Set-up > Order Source Setting – 

Here, click on the refresh button, and all your tags will be fetched here, just select the tags from the drop-down.

Scroll down on the same page and click on the Refresh Button
Here you can map your product type with its categories.

For example; if you are a Wine/Liquor seller then you can select their category from the drop-down.
It helps you with the label generation, as the codes of wine/liquor get defined on the labels(at the below), which helps you to identify which label is for whom after printing a large number of labels.
Please check the screenshot below;

Note: You can leave the other product types as it is, only Map those products who fall under the Wine/Liquor category.

Go to Setting > WeShip Express Set-up > Rate Quotes Set-up
(i) Add states to display FedEx rate quotes –

Here you can enter the two-digit state code or abbreviation separated by a comma, for displaying the FedEx rates on that particular state.
For example, You can enter “MD” for Maryland.
If you leave this field blank, our system will take UPS by default as a shipping method.

(ii) Add states for LSO/UDS delivering liquor –

Here you can enter the two-digit state code of the states or abbreviation separated by a comma, where you can deliver the liquor.
If you want to display rate quotes to everyone then you can leave the field blank.  

Step 4: Let’s Ship an order using CCShip – Shopify and WeShip Express Integration

Let’s get started;

*Go to your orders section, and select the order you want to ship via WeShip Express, then
*Go to more actions and choose, “Add Tag” option, and
*Simply apply the tags for Create Shipment in the store,
for example, Ship via WeShip Express.
*Your order will be shipped and automatically the integration will mark the order as “Fulfilled“, and label URL with tracking information will be updated in the notes section.
Note:- If you want to ship in bulk then you can select multiple orders and apply the tags, and you are done.
Now, it is ready to ship via Weship Express, no more work needed.

Step 5: Check your Label and tracking information for the shipped orders:
After your orders are shipped and fulfilled, you can check your orders, you’ll see a note got attached to the orders which were shipped by using this integration, and it will contain the URL of Label generated for that order and the tracking information.
So, easy and simple.

Please check below the screenshots for reference –

Congratulations, all parts are done.

You are now ready to ship your Shopify orders via WeShip Express


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Talk to Us!

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