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How To Get Started With CCShip Shipping Easy and FedEx Cross Border Integration?

Starting with CCShip is very easy!

Follow these quick and easy steps to get started with us;

Step 1 – Login into Shipping Easy and Copy-Paste the below Tags in Tags addition section of Shipping Easy

(I)“Ship via FCB DDU” – You can use this tag name, for shipping a DDU order. So if you want to ship an order with FedEx Cross Border DDU you can apply this tag & the order will get shipped within 10-15 minutes & you will get an email report with labels. 

(II)“Ship via FCB DDP” – You can use this tag name, for shipping a DDP order, So if you want to ship an order with FedEx Cross Border DDP you can apply this tag & the order will get shipped within 10-15 minutes & you will get an email report with labels. 

(III)“Cancel FCB Shipment” – This tag will help you to cancel the order, you’ve created by mistake. Once you apply this tag to any order that order shipment will get canceled automatically. 

(Note: – You can choose tags name according to your convenience, but please make sure that you create the exact same tag names in our integration portal)

Step 2 – Login to the portal and connect your API keys and Set the Tags.

Note – If you don’t have the credentials, then you can email us at, we will provide you the details asap.

Step 3- Go to “Shipping Easy Account” and add your Shipping Easy Account name, API key, and Secret Key.

Step 4- Go to “Shipping Easy Tags” and copy the same tags you have created in Shipping Easy Account.
(It must match the tags you have added in your Shipping Easy Account)

Step 5- Now Go to Shipper details and add the details, which are going to be printed on your “Packing Slip”.

Step 6- Go to Account set-up and add your FedEx API keys.
Notification Email:-
Enter the email in which you want to receive a bulk order processing report.

Notifications will include the order details like we will send you a spreadsheet full of details, i.e., Order number, Label PDf URL, Tracking Number, Date of the order’s shipment, Error details if any, packing slip, and Link of Merged PDF URL.

[ Merged PDF URL – If you apply the tag of Create Shipment in multiple orders then we will send you the combined pdf for all the shipments in one link, and the bulk labels will be printed in just a click for all the orders.]

Step 7 – Try to Ship a single order via extension
a) Open the extension and login, after the log-in 4 buttons will appear on the extension.
Note:- You can install the extension from here – CCSHIP Chrome Extension

b) You will need to enter the order number into the order number field to get the results. 
Options visible on the Extension will be –

(I) Get FCB Quote – By clicking on this button you will get the FCB shipping rate for the particular order.

(II) Ship via FCB Shipment – By clicking on this button a label will be created & label URL details and Tracking Number will appear on the popup.
Once label generated you can save the label URL in custom fields & mark the order as shipped by selecting FedEx as a carrier & save the tracking number in tracking number field.

(III) Cancel via FCB – By clicking on this button, shipment will be canceled for the order numbers you have entered in the order field.

(IV) Clear – It is being used to clear/refresh the result on the popup.

Note: – The below buttons in the order section will only be visible if you have installed and logged into the Extension after clicking on the buttons available, the extension will open and process your request.

For example, if you click “Ship via FCB” then it will give you the below response with the label pdf URL on the box with the Tracking number.

Step 8- Bulk ship the orders by applying the tag into ShippingEasy

>Go to your Shipping Easy orders section and select multiple orders you want to ship via FedEx Cross Border,
>After selecting the order Go to More option and select Add  Tags

>After selecting the Tags option, you’ll see the below pop-up, select the “Ship via FCB DDU or DDP” and click confirm.

>For single order shipping via Shipping Easy Platform -Just open the order and go to the tags section and write the tags name for e.g Ship via FCB, then a drop-down will be visible, select & add the tag from the drop-down.
Please check the screenshot for reference –

Cancel Shipment – If mistakenly you have created any shipment then, you can select the same order and apply the tag of “Cancel Shipment”. After applying the tag order shipment will be canceled via FedEx cross border.
(You can do this in both Extension and Shipping Easy Platform)

Receive Email report of all bulk shipped orders

After the creation of shipment, you will receive the email with all the details, which will help you while printing labels.
We are especially giving the option of “Merge URL”, in which all the Labels pdf will be merged. 

Please check the screenshot for reference – 

A short Demonstration video of the Integration –


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Talk to Us!

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