How rule based Category mapping works in Discogs Magento 2 Integration?

By using DisConnect Integration we can dynamically map one category of Discogs with the Magento 2 category so that it will help you to arrange your products without any confusion.

For that, you need to firstly log in to our integration.

Url: https://disconnect.constacloud.com/register

After login, you will land on the dashboard.

From the product dropdown, you will see Magento Mapping Option. After clicking on this option, you will see Magento Mapping Edit Section.

Here are two options. One is Field Mapping and the other is Category Mapping.

Field Mapping is also a type of dynamic mapping where you can map your Discogs entity with your Magento entity. To know more about it you can click here.

On the right side of Field Mapping, you will see Category Mapping. It is also a type of mapping. But since it has multiple values, its name is category mapping. You can map the Discogs category with the Magento category with ease. For example-

D1 to B1

D2 to B2 and so on.

Step 1: In your Magento account, you need to add categories for your products. You can check out this article for more details.

Then it will be shown in the dropdown in our Magento Category mapping page on clicking the sync categories option.

Step 2: Now, you can choose the particular Discogs entity type(Genre, Style, Format, Media Condition, Sleeve Condition)  from there dropdown according to your Discogs product which you have selected to perform category mapping with Magento.

Step 3: Next, you need to select the category of Magento, which you have already added from your Magento account.

You also need to provide the details of the Default Category. Now you can save your entries by clicking on the Update option.

Here it is compulsory to select all the five Discogs conditions correctly. Otherwise, our integration will take Default Category. The default category is the same that you have already created in your Magento account. If the condition fails (5 Discogs condition doesn’t match to your Discogs records) then our integration will automatically choose default values for the category which you have provided. After clicking on the update button, the Discogs category will be mapped with the Magento category.

If you want to map another Discogs category with Magento Category then click on Add Row.

Now, we have added a mapping rule here so that it will be easy for you to understand it in detail.

Mapping rules

  • Genre Exact Match
  • Style Exact Match
  • Format At least One Match
  • Sleeve Exact Match
  • Media Exact Match

Here we can take an example to understand Category Mapping in a better way. Let’s take the example from the above screenshot.

Case example:

In Discogs

Genre: Folk, Word,&Country
Style: Entekhno
Format: Vinyl
Media: All Media Condition
Sleeve: All Sleeve Condition

In our portal: (Magento Category Mapping Section)

Genre: Folk, Word,&Country
Style: Entekhno
Format: Vinyl
Media: All Media Condition
Sleeve: All Sleeve Condition

Category: Greek Music

Result: All the 5 fields are matched with the Discogs product so the condition is passed. And Greek Music is applied as a category. If anyone of these conditions fails then it will take default Category value.

This is the complete process of Magento Category Mapping. If you have any query then you can contact us at help@disconnect-app.com


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