WooCommerce Attribute Mapping

Attributes syncing on WooCommerce

DisConnect now also gives you the option to use your custom WooCommerce Attributes fields & map Discogs dynamic shortcodes (various fields on Discogs unique to each record) to it.

So the Attribute Name will be the attributes that you create on your WooCommerce store & the Attribute Value can either be one or multiple shortcodes which can be copied & pasted into the fields based on the selected Attribute.

Here we will walk you through the various steps you will have to follow in order to map your custom WooCommerce Attributes fields.

In your Woocommerce account first, you need to add Attributes Field in your WooCommerce. You can see the image below for your reference.

Once you have added the Attributes in your WooCommerce login to DisConnect, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: After you log in to DisConnect, you will land on the dashboard. Here you need to click on the Mappings section and then go to WooCommerce Mapping.

Step 2: Now here in the Mappings section(Field Mapping) turn the “Enable attribute mapping” switch ON

Step 3: After “enabling attribute mapping” click on the refresh button(Sync Attributes) and then click on “Add Attribute Mapping”.

Step 4: Now, here in the “Attribute Name” you can select from the dropdown you can see and select the Attribute that you have created on your WooCommerce, and in “Attribute Value” you can add the corresponding Discogs Shortcode.

Here you can also control the visibility of these Attributes to your product page. You need to turn the “Attribute visibility in WooCommerce product page” switch ON and these attributes will be visible to your WooCommerce product details page to your customers as additional information. Or if you don’t want these Attributes visible to your customers you can simply keep the switch off.

Once the mapping is done, please do click on Update to save the mappings.

Note: Please make sure to do all the mappings before you start the sync.


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