Get started with Discogs Shopify Integration

A brief walkthrough of how DisConnect works!

Welcome to DisConnect. In this guide, we will be looking at configuring your Discogs Shopify Integration where the products will be syncing in the direction from Discogs to Shopify. Let me walk you through the whole sequence of steps that you need to follow to quickly & effectively set up DisConnect.

Step 1: You can use the below URL for registration.

Registration URl: https://disconnect.constacloud.com/register

Step 2: Registration Process consists of two steps. Firstly, you need to fill in the below-mentioned details.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password: It should have a minimum of 8 characters with 1 Capital, 1 Numeric, 1 special character.

Step 3: After entering all the required details, you need to click on the “Create Account” button.

Step 4: Upon creating an account inside DisConnect, you will see the following pop-up appear on the webapp. It’s a sequence of quick guided onboarding steps that you can perform inorder to sync between Discogs and your other channels or you can skip it to manually configure your sync using all the advanced features.

The Quick Guided Onboarding

Step 4.1.1: In the first step, Connect your Discogs Account. Upon clicking the “Connect your Discogs account” button, you will be redirected to your Dicsogs Account.

Once you click on the Authorize button, your Discogs account will now be authenticated to DisConnect.

Step 4.1.2: In the next step, we will be authenticating your Shopify account. To do that, enter your “Domain” & click on Authenticate.

Upon clicking Approve, your Shopify account gets authenticated to DisConnect.

Step 4.1.3: In the third step, select the direction of your product sync. Whether you want to sync your products from Discogs to Shopify or the other way round.

Step 4.1.4a: If you had selected “Sync from Discogs to Shopify” , you’ll get the following screen:

Repricing: DisConnect provides you with the option to increase or decrease the prices of your synced products on Shopify by using a fixed amount or percentage.

Once you’ve configured the same, click on the “Save & Start the sync” option.

Step 4.1.4b: If you had selected “Sync from Shopify to Discogs” , you’ll get the following screen:

You can choose to sync products from Shopify to Discogs by ensuring your products are in a particular category or have a particular tag. Once you’ve selected either “Product Type” or “Tag” , enter the values of the categories or Tags of the products you wish to sync to Shopify.

It is mandatory to have the Discogs Release ID in one of your Shopify fields eg: SKU. So select the field where your Release ID is & then start the sync.

Note: For future products, you can simply add them to the categories/tags that you put on the screen on Shopify & DisConnect will automatically sync them over to Discogs.

Step 4.1.5: Once you click on the “Save & Start Sync” option, you will get this following up

The Detailed Complete Setup

Step 4.2.1: If you select “Skip guided setup” in 4.1.1, you will see the below screen.

To get started with importing your products to DisConnect from your connected platforms, please go to the “Discogs” tab of your channel settings.

Step 4.2.2: In the Discogs channel settings, you will find various sections which include:

  • Discogs Credentials:
    Discogs token is the token that you have generated from your Discogs panel. Its uniqueness can be checked by the system. Learn how to get a Discogs token.
  • Discogs Settings:
    You will find the options to fetch inventory of products on Discogs. Learn more about Inventory Management & Auto Relisting here.
  • Order Sync Settings:
    DisConnect allows you to sync your orders from Discogs to other e-commerce channels. To set this up,

    1. Select the Channel that you want your orders to sync to. Please do note all your connected channels will be displayed here.
    2. Select the “Status” of the Discogs orders to sync. You can select one from the various options available to you.
  • Please remember to click on the “Save” buttons corresponding to each section for your changes to take effect.

Step 4.2.3: As you have Shopify as your online e-commerce platform, click on the Shopify tab from the header in order to complete your relevant configurations.

Dashboard Functionality

Shopify Credentials:

In order to connect your Shopify account to DisConnect, there are two input fields required. Which include the Shopify Domain & the Shopify Password.

  • Shopify Domain: You will get this domain while creating a Shopify account. It should be filled in the format of yourdomain.myShopify.com
  • Shopify Keys: Your Shopify store has consumer & secret keys which can be taken from the key details section in your Shopify panel. Learn how to get a Shopify token.

Shopify Product sync settings:

There are two major sections here which include Creation of Products on Shopify & the option to Import products from Shopify.

Create new products on Shopify

In order sync your products from Discogs to Shopify, you’ll have to set up all the relevant settings in the Discogs channel settings tab as seen earlier. Please do note that we will use the pre configured field mapping template by default. However, should you wish to customize the Field mapping & Category mapping to suit your needs, you’re welcome to do so. In a nutshell, Field Mapping helps you dynamically map your Discogs data to your Shopify fields & category mapping helps you create your Discogs product listings into it’s respective Shopify collections.

Once all the settings are done, switch ON the create new products on Shopify toggle option. On doing so, you’ll be opened out to more options to configure. They include

Shopify Weight unit

Your unit of measure for Weights can be selected from either grams, kilogram, ounce & pound

Syncing sync settings

In addition to syncing products which are “For Sale” from Discogs to Shopify, we also have the option to sync listings which are on “Draft” status on Discogs. You can achieve this by enabling this option.

There is also an option to mark Shopify products as Draft when sold out. This will help you hide your listing when your listing has 0 inventory and thus unavailable for your customers to search on your Shopify store.

Repricing feature

The repricing feature is used to reprice the products in your online retail stores. If you want to increase or decrease the price of your product in your online retail store compared to the original price in Discogs then you can use this feature. To know more about it, click here.

Once all your settings are completed, click on update & the sync will begin.

Import products to Discogs from Shopify

Should you wish to sync products from Shopify to Discogs, switch “ON” import products from Shopify and configure the settings based on your needs accordingly. Here’s a detailed guide to do 2 way product sync from Shopify to Discogs.

Generic DisConnect features for Advanced Users

In addition to all the features you’ve already seen, DisConnect brings you a lot of advanced features which helps you completely customize your selling experience to bring you the highest possible conversions

Features include Bulk updating Prices & Comments, Updating a common or additional image to multiple or single images respectively, Updating Release IDs, Changing your Invenetory levels across platforms and choosing which products sync or not, etc. To Learn more in detail check out our guide here.

The dashboard will show a summary of your products. If you have Shopify as your retail store then you will see Discogs Products on sale, Shopify products synced, Shopify products with an error, and also all other product details.

Intuitive dashboard also portrays your sales by channel, overall sales & even your top performing products. Monitor & forecast the number of products & orders you have & sell on each platform over time and plan your supplies & stock inventory accordingly

Password Settings:

To Change Password: User has to click on the “Change Password” button and they have to fill out the required details like an old password, new password, and confirm the password.

This is the process to get started in the DisConnect app. It helps to integrate your Discogs products with your online retail store where you can manage your inventory and orders with just a few clicks. If you have any query then you can contact us at help@disconnect-app.com


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