Sync orders from Discogs to WooCommerce

DisConnect order sync feature also allows you to sync the orders you receive on your Discogs to your WooCommerce store.

To use this feature follow the steps below after you have already authenticated your Discogs and WooCommerce store.

Step 1: After you log in to DisConnect, you will need to navigate to the Channel Settings.

Step 2: Now here in the Discogs section you will need turn the”Order Sync Settings” switch ON.

Once you turn the “Order Sync Settings” switch ON, then you’ll see two more options to configure. They include –

>Select Channel / Shipment Provider
Here you will need to select your connected channels i.e. WooCommerce to which you would like to sync your orders from Discogs.

>Select Discogs Order Status
Here you will need to select the Order status of Discogs on which you want to sync the order to your WooCommerce store of Discogs.
For example – if you want to sync only “New orders” of Discogs to Disconnect, then you can select “new order” from the drop-down.

Click on Save and you are now ready to sync your Discogs orders with WooCommerce.


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