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Listing on Discogs can be quite hectic if youʻre doing it manually for each & every media that you possess. Searching for a record on Discogs, and then listing it with the right details will take itʻs toll eventually.

With DisConnectʻs Bulk Lister, you can now list upto 3000 records at one shot to Discogs with a few mandatory fields such as Barcode, Media condition & Price.

How it works?

Sign into DisConnect and on the left panel, click on the Discogs Bulk Lister tab. On doing so, you’ll see the following screen

The very first thing that needs to be done is creation of your CSV files with all the required fields.

  • Download the relisting_sample.csv file sample provided
  • Key in your exported data from your eCommerce store/POS/etc and put the data including the 3 mandatory fields i.e Barcode, Media condition and Pricing in the right columns along with the other data
  • Save the file in the same .csv format.

Some Rules:

  1. Barcodes should always have 13 characters, if your file has fewer characters, your records will be errored out. Please append 0’s in the front to ensure they’re 13 characters.
  2. Media & Sleeve condition should contain the following values


Acceptable Values For Media condition Acceptable Values For Sleeve condition
Mint (M) Mint (M)
Near Mint (NM or M-) Near Mint (NM or M-)
Very Good Plus (VG+) Very Good Plus (VG+)
Very Good (VG) Very Good (VG)
Good Plus (G+) Good Plus (G+)
Good (G) Good (G)
Fair (F) Fair (F)
Poor (P) Poor (P)
Not Graded
No Cover
  1. The Accept Offer column should contain value 1 if you would like your listing to be listed as “For Sale” or 0 for “Draft”

Once everything is done, it will look as follows:

Then, you can save the .csv file and upload it on the bulk lister & you can monitor the progress in the below section.

Feel free to reach out to us at help@disconnect-app.com should you need any technical assistance or queries on the same.


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