A tutorial to sync products from Magento 2 to Discogs.

Whether you are already selling on Discogs or you are looking forward to starting selling on Discogs our app can sync your products in either direction. Connect your E-Commerce store or Marketplace Account or POS system & sync starts within a few clicks of setup.

In this topic, we will have a look at the working procedure of two-way sync between Discogs & Magento in the direction of Magento to Discogs.

In order to sync products from Magento to Discogs, there are some mandatory requirements that you will need.

On the Discogs Page:

  1. Condition Mapping

In order to sync your Products to Discogs, every product needs a media & a sleeve based condition mapping. You’ll have the option to set up rule-based

  1. Set the status of newly synced Discogs products

Discogs Products that are created using 2-way inventory sync can be synced either in For Sale status or Draft status. While most sellers sync it in “For Sale” status, there are other sellers who would like to use sync again from Discogs release data to other channels and not really sell on Discogs, they have the feasibility to sync it with “Draft Status”

  1. Auto Repricing (optional)

It happens most of the time that the same pricing strategy doesn’t work for all E-Commerce stores & Marketplaces. With our Auto-repricing feature, you can always have to tweak them a bit in order to make the best sales possible on Magento. Reprice your products while syncing them from Magento by a percentage or by a fixed amount by selecting the option you would like to use from the drop-down so you don’t have to update them manually.

  1. Set predefined dynamic comments for newly synced Discogs Products (optional)

You can customize your dynamic comments which will be synced to Discogs by the means of various shortcodes available to you. Shortcodes are data in Magento fields that can be mapped into your Discogs’ fields. Once you set your comments here with shortcodes, they will be imported from Magento & mapped to Discogs.

On the Magento Channel Settings:

  1. Release ID:

It is mandatory for all your listings on Magento to have a Release ID. Without your Release ID, your products will not sync to Discogs. In Magento, your Release ID can either be present on the SKU field or on your Attributes field.

  1. Categories or Websites:

We have added this feature because if you are selling multiple commodities on your site along with Music records it will help you to separate the products to be synced to Discogs out of other products

The products you would like to sync from Magento should either have a Category or have a Website. Only products assigned to a certain category or Website in Magento can be selected to sync to Discogs. DisConnect searches for the Category or Website you give during set up to sync accordingly.

Once these mandatory requirements are in place, you can follow the below sequence of steps to get your sync started from Magento to Discogs

  1. Turn on the import from the Magento option.
  2. Select the field which holds your Release ID – whether it’s SKU or in the ATTRIBUTES on Magento
  3. Select the identifier field on Magento that you plan on using to sync products to Discogs. Be it Categories or Websites. You can add multiple Categories or Websites separated by a comma.
  4. Enter the value of the identifier
  5. Click on the Update Magento button in  the end once you’re done

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